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About Alkaline Water
Organic Plus are agents for Alkafill alkaline water - arguably the best drinking water available in Australia. We offer two filling stations situated conveniently outside our shop. Simply insert your bottle, present your tag and within two minutes your bottle is full. You may use your own bottle but we recommend purchasing a bottle from us. Our bottles are BPA-free, hold 15 litres and are available with or without a tap. When you purchase your tag and a bottle, your first fill is free.

This is the purest water you can get - the machine uses reverse osmosis to remove bacteria & toxins and most importantly fluoride. The water produced is alkaline (tests higher than any bottled alkaline water on the market), mineralised and ionised. It also is great value at about half the price of any of the bottled alkaline waters on the market.

There are 5 filter stages to the Alkafill filtration system that remove the contaminants typically found in water. In the first two stages the water passes through sediment and carbon filters and then reverse-osmosis to completely purify the water. This extensive filtration removes up to 99.8% of the fluoride, chlorine, aluminium and other heavy metals as well as dirt, chemicals, bacteria, dissolved solids and pesticides. The ultra-purified water is then remineralised with minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

The Alkafill process enables the water to be ionised, alkalised and micro-clustered. The water then has a negitive ORP is energised and ends up with between 8.5-10.0 pH. We then finish the water through the final filtration stages with silver carbon and UV light sterilisation.

• Rich in oxygen and alkaline minerals

• Micro-clustered for maximum hydration

• Alkaline lifestyle helpsy you detoxify, reduce weight and gain energy

• Convenient: system does not use cash

• Certified and tested to guarantee purity

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